The standard Country Station Building customised with pagoda roofed and timber paneled annexes.

Corfe Castle Model Railway

David, from Dorset, is building a layout based on Swanage and Corfe Castle Stations. This article features Corfe Castle Station that is  populated with card kits, built by David, from the A Model Railway Shop product range.
David Smith: "Please give a short introduction to your model railway layout. "
David: "My layout is based on Swanage & Corfe Castle Stations within the confines of the layout size. I started this layout as a Covid lock down project. "
David Smith: "Why did you choose a real location to model rather than a fictitious one. "
David: "I chose this real location as I live in Dorset & often go to the Swanage Railway. It’s also nostalgia for me remembering the last days of mainline steam when I was a boy. So, i'm aiming to recreate the scene based on the 1960's. "
David Smith: "Why did you choose this hobby? "
David: "My hobby was inspired by my father who often had different layouts. "
David Smith: " It is a multi-faceted hobby. What aspects do you particularly enjoy? "
David: "I enjoy the practical aspects of the hobby, design, construction & the historical story it tells. I also enjoy repairing the locos bringing them back to running order again. "