Swanage SB Custom Build

Gary from West Sussex overcame construction difficulties with use of a Cricut machine and search of his scrap box for parts.

"I have only recently returned to railway modelling after an absence of pushing 50 years during which time 5” gauge live steam was the order of the day! "

"As a sort of test, I chose your kit to see if I could make anything that small/fiddly and was really pleasantly surprised to find that despite shaking hands and eyesight not being what it was, I could, albeit with some modifications to your design. "

"I didn’t get on too well with the windows but overcame that by using my Cricut machine and self-adhesive vinyl. Also used it to cut the balustrades, brackets, and stairs but wasn’t happy with the later so modified a set I had in my scrap box. Photo shows I still have painting the stairs and guttering to install, along with some touching up and weathering. "