Print Test

Before ordering card kits use the information below to check your printer compatibility.

Be aware that print quality and colour interpretation varies from printer to printer brand.

To be sure your printer is up to the job and before you order card kits save this colourswatch.pdf then open it in Adobe Reader and print.

By turning the paper and using both sides up to 4 test prints can be made on one sheet.

Check the colours are a close match to those shown on screen. If there is a significant difference use your printer utilities for the following:

  • Select high quality (photo)
  • Clean your printer head
  • Adjust colours to correct the mismatch.
  • Use matte paper and ensure printer scaling factor is 100%.

Some kit sheets have a small margin of about 5 mm between the parts and the top/bottom edges of the sheet. Your printer must be able to print with minimal margins.

Some printers force large margins and will print at reduced scale to compensate.

The colourswatch.pdf can also be used to test scaling and margins.

Customers have reported difficulties with the following printers:

  • Canon Pixma MG3051 (large margins cropping parts and poor colour match)